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ASH Security are available to cover all areas of electronic home security including Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control & Fire Alarm systems installations throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire & London. 

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Protecting our homes from intruders is of paramount importance. As well as financial loss, a break in can cause emotional upset and disruption to our lives. Most of us do not consider the full impllications of a break-in - until it's too late! Most insurance companies will offer a reduced premium for properties that have a professionally fitted NSI accredited burglar alarm.  All ASH Security  systems are NSI Silver certified

Our domestic security services include:

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According to Home Office statistics 84% of burglars avoid properties with a visible alarm system in place. Investing in one of our NSI Silver approved Intruder Alarm solutions could be the best investment you make for your home security. We have a wide range of solution to meet your needs from Bells Only Alarms through to Monitored Alarm Systems.  We are also Police Compliant for Metropolitan Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary & Thames Valley so can assist if you are looking for the added benefit of a Police Response Burglar Alarm. For more information on our range of Intruder Alarms and services click here



"Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an important weapon to fight against crime. CCTV can be used to protect your home against robbery and theft" - Metropolitan Police

Selecting the very best and the highest quality products, we bring you the top of the range CCTV camera systems. Whether it is day/night CCTV cameras or wireless CCTV cameras, we have the best of them.

With the top quality CCTV cameras, we assure you crystal clear images. Our systems are installed by professionals and they ensure that you get the best visibility and the highest levels of safety and security on your property.

For detailed information on our range of CCTV solutions and packages click here


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