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Protect assets & reduce the cost of security with CCTV monitoring

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Always in the know - Do you know who is on your premises when you are not?

At ASH Security, in partnership with Re:Sure Intelligence, we are offering our clients a reliable and complete form of security with our "Smart" CCTV Monitoring System. We take pride in providing top-notch service and incorporate the most innovative technology to prevent crime. This system utilises smart cameras, allowing you to stay aware of anyone present on your premises and avoid any potential crime. With this advanced surveillance technology, you can enhance the security of your home or business and minimise the cost of physical guards. Therefore, experience ultimate peace of mind and know that you’re in good hands.

Intruder Detection

  • Your smart cameras detect an intruder the moment they cross the perimeter of your property. Our Video Receiving Centre (VRC) is immediately alerted with live footage.

Instantaneous Intervention

  • Our VRC views your premises in real-time, immediately issuing a live audio warning, commanding the intruder to leave. We simultaneously notify you and the authorities, whilst continuing to monitor your premises


Before the Damage is Done

  • We track the intruder’s movements, issuing continual live warnings; ensuring the intruder flees and does not get inside your property



Complete Peace of Mind - We monitor your business, so you don’t have to

There is nothing more frustrating than reviewing footage of a break-in. Protect your business with our 24/7 video surveillance monitoring

At ASH Security, in conjunction with our Video Receiving Centre (VRC), we deliver Complete Peace of Mind to end users by using “Smart” remote CCTV monitoring cameras for commercial property to prevent the crime from taking place at all.

ASH Security, supply & install Monitored CCTV camera systems to stop the damage before it is done. We can protect any commercial property, such as office buildings, factories, warehouses, construction sites, petrol stations and car dealerships.

Always in the know

Do you know who is on your premises when you are not?


With a Monitored CCTV System you will always know when someone is on your property. 

Nothing will get past your new virtual security guard; anyone that comes onto your property, when it is armed, will be challenged and reported. This can also include authorised personnel if your needs require.

Manned patrols can provide some protection from attacks but a major drawback is that, by the very nature of patrolling, there are unavoidable and dangerous gaps as guards visit a number of sites - windows of opportunity that allow the determined vandal or criminal gangs to move in.
If patrols don't work then there is always manned guarding. The advantage over patrols is that someone is constantly on-site; the disadvantages are cost - at least £35,000 per year, poor quality of staff, guards forced to work long hours with associated implications of limited attention span and ultimately damage to the site as incidents are missed. Added to this, of course, are the lone worker and minimum wage legislation, which has added considerably to manned guarding costs overnight.




Home CCTV monitoring is the future of home security

A premium home security CCTV service that prevents intruders from breaking into your home by detecting them with smart CCTV monitoring cameras the moment they step foot onto your grounds & intervening with live audio warnings.

Benefits of Monitored CCTV

  • Live Intervention
  • Stops Crime
  • Economical
  • Delivers 24hr Protection
  • Prevents False Alarms
  • Customised to your Needs
  • Offers you Peace of Mind
  • A Powerful Management Tool

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