Why it's best to choose a Monitored Alarm System over a 'Bells Only' Alarm

Harpenden OAP told by police to investigate burglary himself

These kinds of stories are not at all uncommon. For real peace of mind make sure you have a monitored alarm system!

Visible burglar alarms make intruders think twice. They not only act as a deterrent, but will also provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place. However 'bells-only' alarms will not give you an automatic police response; they will only act if an unlawful entry has been reported by a 999 call.

Those alarms connected to a monitoring service are the best. Opting for a remotely monitored alarm, where activation signals are sent to a monitoring centre ensures the police are contacted on your behalf in the event of a confirmed signal.

Signals are filtered for false activations avoiding the risk of losing police response to your alarm. (Source NSI)

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