Tips for choosing the right burglar alarm for your home

ashalarmimage.jpgPotentially the largest financial asset we will ever own, our homes are often neglected when it comes to security. Threats to our property are posed by numerous sources, from the actions of criminals to the unforgiving onslaught of Mother Nature – so what equipment should you invest in to keep your home and its precious contents safe?

Considering the fact that every 37 seconds a house in the UK is burgled, investing in the necessary protection for your home is important.

The vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic crimes with unsavoury characters looking for houses with no obvious signs of protection. In 40% of burglaries, personal possessions are stolen but only half of burglary victims invest in the necessary insurance to protect these items, leaving them to foot the bill for their losses themselves.

Safeguarding your home from burglars is highly important and luckily there are plenty of security features which can be used to achieve this. The most popular devices for home security include burglar alarms and devices designed to monitor the external environment, such as CCTV cameras. When purchasing these items there are a few tips you should always follow:

  • Make sure your device is easily identifiable and fit it in plain sight. Often the site of a burglar alarm or security system is enough to deter burglars so always bear this in mind when shopping and don’t choose a camouflaged model.
  • Consider the level of security you want and shop accordingly. Remember that more advanced systems will cost more money but provide much higher levels of protection.
  • If installing internal home alarm systems with sensors then consider wireless options. This way your home will get the protection it needs without the inconvenience of cables and wiring.

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