Securing your home ready for a well deserved and relaxing holiday!

With summer in full swing any of you may be planning your holiday away. A good holiday should be relaxing and stress-free, but to truly unwind you’ll need to know that your home will be safe and secure whilst you are away.

Unfortunately crime statistics show that around 50% of all burglaries occur when a house or a flat is unoccupied but don’t fret by taking a few moments to follow a few simple tips for securing your home whilst away you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a stress free holiday:

  • Ensure you'r intruder alarm is on. Preferably a monitored alarm - survey by a major insurance company ashalarmimage.jpgdiscovered 33% of Britons ignore ringing home alarms; people assume someone else will sort the problem out!With an ASH Security monitored alarm system you know that if your alarm is activated, we receive a message from your system so we can respond to the activation fast.
  • Leave clear instructions and a holiday contact number in case of an emergency.
  • Try to make your home look occupied. Don’t leave the curtains closed and consider investing in some automatic time switches for lights and perhaps a radio or television in a downstairs room.
  • Ask a friend or neighbour to take in your post and draw the curtains at night. You could also ask them to park their car on your drive.
  • Cancel delivery of all milk & newspapers
  • Do not leave valuable equipment lying around where it is easily visible to prying eyes. If you have your TV in a cabinet close the doors and always ensure laptops etc are put away!
  • Check your window security. 30% of burglaries start with an unsecured window as an entry point. Window locks will provide an excellent deterrent and add security to your home at all times so are an excellent precaution to take.
  • Close, lock and bolt all exterior doors and windows.
  • Fit proper security locks to your garage and garden shed and make sure all equipment and tools are locked away. Garage Door Defenders (as seen on BBC) are an excellent visual aswell as physical deterrent
  • Mark valuable items with your postcode using an approved property marking kit or data-tag and keep a record, including photographs, where necessary - Permanently and visibly marked property is obviously identifiable and consequently there is some deterrent to stealing it.  Burglars have been known to leave property at the scene of a burglary due to good marking
  • Please valuable documents and jewellery in a safe before you go away.


With everything else to remember it might be worthwhile creating a checklist for and tick off each area of security that needs checking as you go along.

Remember most domestic burglaries are committed by ‘opportunists’. Criminals pick a house that looks unoccupied, has little or no obvious security and where they think they won’t be seen.

With all this taken care of you can now relax and enjoy a great holiday and relax in the knowledge that you have implemented all these home security measures!


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