Riots & Looting in London - Protect your property

With extensive rioting, violence, cynical looting and destruction which started in Tottenham but is currently spreading throughout London & England  we’re sure you are wondering what you can do to make it more difficult for an intruder to get in if a riot happens near you,  or even in the case of just a common thief breaking in at any time.  It happens, more frequently than we like in the UK, especially in the London area.  So why wouldn’t you have high security products installed at your retail unit, office, factory, home etc help keep these intruders out?

Play it safe!  Help keep the rioter’s and thieves out!

ASH Security have a full range of high security products from High Security Locks, to reinforced steel doors, Grilles, Gates, Shutters. It’s well known that the opportunists out there will target the easiest property first, don’t let that be yours!

The current scenario of the security in the UK is getting worse. With the number of riot cases and robberies, it is increasingly  difficult to keep goods safe in the shops or warehouses. ASH Security highly recommend installing Steel Security Doors.  These doors provide extra protection to a house, business or even a warehouse. Steel security doors come in various sizes and thickness. Steel security doors look similar to any regular wooden door; however they have a steel frame between the wooden panels. This gives it double protection from breaking in. For more information on our Steel Door products take a look here or call 01442 872586 now!

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