Protect your property, think like a burglar!

The best way to tackle security for both your home or business is to start thinking like a burglar. Take a look at your property from a burglar's point of view, and you'll soon spot the weaknesses and opportunities they would see. This is a good method to find ways to tighten up on security both for your home and business.


Ask yourself the following questions :

Is there a security system in place?ASH lock and secure CCTV.JPG

Invest in an effective intruder alarm system and use it correctly. If the property in question is a business premises, consider the use of CCTV cameras, which are both useful as a deterrent and for prosecution.

Is the building in good repair?

If a building or even a gate is in a state of disrepair, it will give the impression that no one is looking after the property, and is therefore a good target for burglaries. Keep the outside of the premises tidy, and think about the addition of fencing or prickly hedge as an extra barrier.

How well-lit is the property?

It might sound obvious but lighting is an important security feature. If the outside of the property is well lit, intruders will not be able to hide very well. If there are lights on inside the property, it gives the impression it is occupied. Use motion detector lighting in any badly-lit areas outside the premises, and lighting controlled by timer switches inside when unoccupied.


Are the doors and windows locked?

One of the first things a burglar will do is push a door to see if it has been double locked. A surprising number of people only secure one lock when they leave a building. Ensure all doors have at least two locks. Make sure all entrances and exits are locked when the premises is empty, even for a few minutes, and do not leave keys lying around. Reinforce doors and windows where necessary.


Is the building communal?

If more than one resident or business occupies the main building, there should be a strict procedure in place to prevent unauthorised people entering. A good access control system would be highly beneficial particulary as keypad entry or card entry system.

Are valuables kept securely?

Items of high value are best kept in a safe, items of moderate value should least away be kept away from windows. Create as many barriers as possible. It is worth investing in a security safe to ensure your vaulables and important documents are safeguarded. Always make sre that the safe is not easily moveable too, no point in hiding away your valuables if the burglars can just pick up the safe and walk out!


Beware of the 'Beware of the Dog Sign'?

It might surprise you to know that if you use a 'Beware of the Dog Sign' on your property, an intruder is likely to think you don't have an alarm system, and are therefore a good target. They are also likely to assume you have the back door left open for the dog to go into the garden.

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