New! All-in-one security solution, the Enforcer V11, with AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug.

ASH Security is pleased to announce our latest home security offering, the Enforcer V11 control panel with the brand-new 10-inch touchscreen control station, the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB app.

The Enforcer V11 is the most advanced Pyronix system released to date and delivers real added value with every installation; security, automation and video that can be tailored, controlled and scheduled for any user preference.

Featuring Wi-Fi communications built onboard the main PCB, the Enforcer V11 offers selectable supervision per zone, occupancy timers on zones and much more, along with compatibility with the AndroidTablet, HomeControlHUB app and SmartPlug.

The AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB includes a touchscreen security hub where our clients can control their system, their Pyronix or Hikvision cameras and also new SmartPlug to control plug-in appliances around the home.

The interface also doubles as a conventional tablet for clients to use day-to-day to surf the internet, watch videos and play games, or open the HomeControlHUB app to access your security, automation and video.

“With the security market constantly having to adapt and evolve to changing user requirements, the innovations of the Enforcer V11 in combination with the AndroidTablet and HomeControlHUB interface make this the most flexible and proactive solution we’ve ever released,” Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director said.

He continued: “The tablet kits enable our installers to easily offer a complete one-platform solution that protects not only the property, but also its occupants, the perimeter, vans, caravans, elderly relatives and more, while also providing access to automation around the home and camera streams for video surveillance and direct action.”

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