National Home Safety Week - March 24 to 30

This week is national home safety week, no better time to review your home safety & security. Fire & Rescue services are urging homeowners to ensure that they have the protection of a working smoke & fire detection alarm. 

smoke-we.jpgASH Security provide smoke detectors integrated with our award winning alarm systems, they can be monitored and brigade response provided when required. Some tips on home fire safety:

  • Have a working smoke alarm on every level of your home:
    • Every home should have a smoke alarm, and if you live in a home on two or more levels, you should have a smoke alarm on each level. 
    • Fit one alarm on the ground floor, and additional alarms on each landing.
    • Make sure that the smoke alarm is placed where you can hear it – even through a closed door.
  • Test your smoke alarm regularly (or ask someone you trust to test it for you)
    • A working smoke alarm is a vital piece of life-saving equipment for your home. Make it a regular part of your weekly or monthly routine to check that your smoke alarm is working, by pressing the test button.
    • Join in with the Fire Kills ‘Tick Tock Test’ campaign, which will be reminding people to test their smoke alarms when the clocks go forward on March 30th . Find out more about Tick Tock Test.
  • Choose the right smoke alarm for your needs
    • Smoke alarms are an inexpensive way to improve safety in your home. CFOA recommends installing Optical smoke alarms, which are better at detecting a broader range of fires, and are less prone to false alarms
    • Contact your fire and rescue service if you need advice on specialist alarms for people with hearing impairment, for example
  • Take care of your smoke alarm
    • Look after your smoke alarm and it will look out for you – a little regular maintenance, taking no more than a few minutes will help to keep your smoke alarm working to protect you. Every six months, give your smoke alarm a little simple cleaning, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guideline. With an ASH Security maintenance agreement we will check all devices during our maintenance visit, if batteries need replacing we'll do it there and then saving any costly call out charges. 
  • If you are a landlord, you have a moral duty to protect your tenants by fitting and maintaining smoke alarms. Set a good example to others in your sector by making sure that your tenants and your property are protected
  • Do you know someone who you think may be at risk from fire? Refer them for a home safety check.
    • Many Fire and Rescue Services across the country offer a free home safety check, which may include the fitting of free smoke alarms. Contact your local service to find out more.
  • Do you work for a housing association or provider, or local authority?
    • Encourage them to fit and maintain smoke alarms in their properties.
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