Monitored CCTV - Protecting your business when you are not there

As a business owner, there is often a continual worry of someone breaking into your property. There can be few things are more frustrating than having to watch people breaking into your business, as you review your footage from your CCTV.

With RE:SURE available via ASH Security, you can eliminate these worries.

We use your existing CCTV cameras or can supply and install new cameras to stop the damage before it is done. We can protect any commercial property, and special in high-risk premises such as construction sites, petrol stations, car dealerships and commercial buildings.

Always in the know

Do you know who is on your premises when you are not?

With RE:SURE remote CCTV monitoring you will always know when someone is on your property.

Nothing will get past your new virtual security guard; anyone that comes onto your property, when it is armed, will be challenged and reported. This can also include authorised personnel if your needs require.

Plus, with the RE:SURE I/O, available from ASH Security; for arming and disarming, you will have complete visibility of who armed and disarmed your system.

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