Just a few benefits of having a CCTV System for your home or business

newsImage_73_CCTV.jpgA CCTV camera is often used for surveillance purposes. Many institutions such as schools or universities, small businesses and large corporations, shops, banks, airports, hospitals as well as homes have installed a CCTV DVR for various reasons. This system is usually installed in areas that the public can easily access such as hallways, entrance or exits and car parks, so as to effectively monitor the activities and actions of the people within the vicinity. There are many more benefits that an individual or organisation can take advantage of when they are equipped with CCTV systems. Here are just a few benefits to think about:

Prevention of Crime in Public and Private Areas:
  • When potential thieves realise that there is a surveillance system installed in a shop or area, they would definitely think twice about stealing from the store, residence or any person that passes by the area, as they know they would be caught on camera. This prevents the crime from happening at all. There are people who go as far as installing fake monitoring systems just so they can scare away criminals, although this is not recommended.
  • Every business can benefit from having the peace of mind, knowing that they ward off people with bad intentions away from their establishments. It will also discourage shoplifters from doing their dirty work because of the higher possibility of them getting caught on camera. In addition, employees working in a bank or store will also think twice before stealing money from the cash box or from getting merchandise for their own enjoyment especially if they know that there are monitoring equipment installed inside their workplace.
Protecting the Employees and Keeping them Satisfied
  • The satisfaction of employees will be increased if they know that they are safe and secure whilst inside their office premises. It is inevitable that some employees, despite putting your full trust in them, will commit theft against their fellow workmates or against the company for whatever reason. Having a camera installed will give others the assurance that their employers are watching for their safety. Aside from this, top management can see what goes on in the daily routine of their employees, allowing them to identify what makes an employee happy, how to streamline the work processes as well as find out who is and is not doing their jobs properly.
Giving the Company Protection Against False Accusations
  • If the nature of business makes the employees prone to attacks from irate customers, having a camera installed will let them handle it in an appropriate manner despite the heightened pressure. This will also protect the company from any false claims that a customer might have because every situation and event will be recorded. The next time you receive a complaint from an angry client, you will be in a better position to review the case, sanction an employee if proven guilty, or to protect him or her if the videos show otherwise. Customers are not right all the time. There have been reported cases where people deliberately spill liquids and slip in it, or put insects and other objects in their food just so they can file a lawsuit against the business.
Protecting Families and their Homes
  • Ultimately, the family will have everything recorded in the unlikely event that a burglar breaks in to their house. Installing a CCTV Camera undoubtedly provides more than just a single benefit for individuals, businesses and families.  CCTV Systems are very simple to install and easy to use so anyone considering getting one should not worry much about any trouble that they need to handle, as there would be none. A sense of safety and security can enjoyed by many when they simply know that a CCTV DVR is operating at a continuous rate, monitoring the environment and the activities around it.


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