How to keep your home secure this winter

You may have heard recently in the news that crime figures increase as the clocks go back and we head into the dark winter months.

Here’s our burglary prevention tips to keep your property secure, not just in the winter but all year round.

Keep your keys out of view

We regularly receive calls from people who have had their keys ‘fished’ through their letterbox.
Keep your house and vehicle keys somewhere secure where they aren’t in view of the window, near the door or even in the door.

Tidy up your property

Make sure there isn’t anything lying around your property which may help or encourage burglars, such as ladders or tools.
Don’t forget about outhouses, sheds or garages. It might be easy to forget about your sheds, garages or outhouses so make sure they’re locked and secure, especially if you keep valuable equipment, bikes or other belongings in them.

Light timers

If your property is empty until late in the evenings, or if you’re going on holiday, it’s worth investing in light timers to create the illusion that you’re at home.

Fix locks, doors and windows

Now is a good time to finally fix that lock, door or window that’s been playing up or is broken.

Dispose of packaging carefully

This is especially important with Christmas coming up. Don’t advertise any expensive products you’ve had for Christmas and make sure you hide the packaging carefully when you put the bins out.

It’s also worth making sure your Christmas gifts are out of sight as this may also tempt burglars.

Security systems

If you haven’t already got a burglar alarm installed its worth thinking about having one installed to help protect your property.

It’s also important to make sure that any existing security systems are properly maintained and repaired.

What if I’m going away?
  • Ask a neighbour or friend to check on your property and push any post through your letterbox.
  • If there won’t be a car on your drive ask a neighbour to use your drive if possible to make people think you’re home.
  • Cancel any newspaper, milk or other regular deliveries.
  • Set you alarm and makes sure any key holders have the codes if they need to access your property.

If you haven’t got a security system, or aren’t happy with your existing one, get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote either by calling 01442 531031 or emailing.

We are NSI approved installers, so you can rest assured that all of our installers have undergone security checks and our work conforms to all the latest regulations.

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