Construction Site Security - 24/7 Remote Monitored CCTV


Construction sites are a popular, active destination for thieves and vandals across the UK. High-value machinery and vehicles are often left on-site overnight. Each item has a high resale value, fooling criminals into thinking they'll get away with it. Whether it's theft or vandalism, construction sites are particularly vulnerable and ­prospective thieves know exactly what they are looking for.

Remote Monitored CCTV Solutions are becoming increasingly popular at construction sites. Our Remote Monitored CCTV systems are a perfect solution for projects ranging from  large infrastructure projects to small site developments and home builders. The benefits of remote CCTV monitoring are endless for construction sites.

You've heard a lot of horror stories and we're sure you're concerned about your construction site's security. That's why partnering with ASH Security for your security requirements will add value to your projects. Our proactive security service will help you build your construction site right. We go beyond what most other protection services offer as our preventative remotely monitored CCTV systems detect an intruder as soon as they step foot on your premises. Our monitoring station intervenes immediately with audio challenges to stop the damage before it is done.

Our system is always on and continually detecting the perimeter of your site. So, whereas a security guard cannot be everywhere at once, we can. We are always on and always ready to intervene.

As well as monitoring your site 24/7 our systems are cost-effective, up to 80% cheaper than manned security guards.

For more information or to discuss your site security needs please contact our office on 01442 872586 or email

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