CASE STUDY: A prime example of why a Monitored Alarm system is a worthwhile investment.

We had a situation this Bank Holiday weekend whereby an elderly client of ours contacted us to say her intruder alarm was going off without cause. We spoke to the lady and talked her through the panel logs. The panel indicated that a smoke detector had been triggered in the kitchen. We asked our client to double check but she was sure everything was OK and said that she has an open window and someone was burning something outside. Whilst we were on the telephone to her however our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) had tried to call her having received a signal from the alarm that the smoke detector had been triggered. As they had no response they contacted the local Fire Brigade who were despetached and arrived in minutes.

Thankfully the Fire Brigade arrived very quickly as on arrival they detected straight away a small fire had started in her microwave. Luckily the fire was contained and did not cause further damage.

This is a great example of why monitored alarm systems are such a worthwhile investment. We are so pleased that in this instance no one was hurt and due to the speed that the fire brigade were contacted and despatched there was no major damage to our clients home.

Many Fire Alarm & Intruder Alarm systems are standalone and will just set off an alarm bell if a device is triggered. In this instance where our client was sure there was no fire in her home there could have been far greater damage. If your home is empty and the smoke detectors trigger an alarm who will check and make sure its a false alarm!? A monitored system can save lives and prevent major damage being caused to your home and business.

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