Benefits of a Wireless Burglar Alarm System



If you’re thinking about investing in a burglar alarm system, updating your existing system or want to cover an extension to your property, find out about the advantages of a wireless security system.

The most obvious benefit of course is that you won’t have to look at wires, however the lack of wires also brings with it a number of benefits such as faster installation, integration with existing systems and they can also protect out-buildings.

Faster and less intrusive installation

As this system doesn’t use wires, installation is much faster and less intrusive as we don’t need to take up carpets or floorboards.

The installation process is also much cleaner than a hard-wired system, though of course our team do ensure minimum mess and disruption.

Detectors can be placed anywhere, location is not dictated by complex wiring plans.

Perfect for old or designer properties

If you have an old, period, timber-framed or designer property quite often a wireless security system is the best or only way to go as it can be unfeasible to install a hard-wired security system.

Protects external buildings – garages, sheds

Your shed or garage may be where you keep some of your most valuable possessions such as your cars, bikes or tools. Unlike a hard-wired system, a wireless security system can be used in out-buildings, giving you peace of mind that some of your most beloved items are safe and secure

Can be integrated with a hard-wired system

If you already have a hard-wired security system in place and build an extension on your property or plan to upgrade your system, we can create a hybrid system, which involves integrating a wireless system into your existing hard-wired system.

If you live in the Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Watford, London, St Albans, Luton, Amersham, Chesham, Harpenden areas and are considering installing a wireless security system either at your domestic or commercial property get in touch with us for a free security survey.


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