ASH Security's Police Response packages are now ECHO-connected

Read more below about ECHO, how you can benefit, and what that means for your alarm system.

What is ECHO?

Simply put, ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations) is a dedicated alarm transfer service. Its main goal is to optimise the police’s response to any emergency alarms that are triggered. The service is fully automated and directly connects ECHO-connected alarm receiving centres (ARC), and the police. So, when an ECHO-connected ARC receives an alert from a device we’ve been monitoring, ECHO transfers a direct signal to the police control room – in an instant.

What do these changes mean? 

In essence, the way the police process alarm signals is improving both in quality and speed. Making the switch from a traditional telephone communication to an ECHO-connected system can enhance police response time by up to four minutes. This can be crucial in getting the police to the situation quickly.

WHY is this being done?

The main objective is to integrate ECHO-connected alarms and ARC’s (including ASH SECURITY’s), to boost police response for both intruder and hold up alarm signals. For ASH SECURITY customers that means increased peace of mind, knowing your alarm signal is sent directly to the police.

Benefits of ECHO:

Fast Alarm Transmission

The replacement of manual call handling with machine-to-machine signalling means customers can expect a more streamlined response from emergency teams. The switch to the ECHO hub is expected to save up to four minutes in response time.


Accurate Incident Information

Despite being well trained and experts in their field, call handlers can often make mistakes. The use of ECHO reduces the potential for human error, like mishearing an address. Instead, this system ensures information is processed accurately and efficiently.


Automatic event incident acknowledgment from ‘Blue light’ service to ARC

ECHO can effectively communicate an alarm signal’s incident number and event log to the police within seconds. This saves time and allows emergency personnel to complete more valuable tasks, rather than spending time taking details over the phone.

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