Anti-Burglary Campaign Launched in Barnet

An anti-burglary campaign was launched in Barnet yesterday.

Operation Formidable will see all of the North West London Territorial Support Group, the Metropolitan Police’s reserve officers, deployed in Barnet to tackle burglary.

The TSG will bring extra resources to the fight against crime including dogs and automatic number plate recognition technology.

The extra officers will be in Barnet for the whole of April meaning that there will be up to 50 additional officers per day working in the borough.

Superintendent Simon Causer said: “We are committed to using these extra resources to make our streets safe from the burglar.

“The tactics that the TSG bring will assist us in targeting those that cause misery to the residents of Barnet.

"We believe that these additional resources will deter criminals from seeing Barnet as easy place to commit crime and lead to the swift arrest of those who continue to offend."

For more information & advice on burglary prevention give us a call on 01442 872586.

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