Agricultural Security

“NFU Mutual is urging farmers to turn their farmyards into fortresses to protect diesel and fertiliser from thieves, amid high prices.

The leading rural insurer is concerned that a combination of high prices and shortages could lead to a surge in farmers’ red diesel tanks and fertiliser stores becoming targets for theft.”

ASH Security can provide the ultimate interactive security system to fit your agricultural needs.

Whether securing farmhouses, barns, sties, brooder houses, greenhouses, milking sheds or livery yards and stables; we’ll tailor the ideal solution for you.

Full video verification

We can link security devices with cameras to provide full video verification of any system activity remotely via ProControl+. If someone crosses the perimeter, you’ll be alerted and shown exactly what’s happening; enabling you to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Completely configurable

Our large portfolio of security and life safety devices, in addition to cameras, enables us to tailor the perfect system. We can also specify the access and control levels of each system and ProControl+ user. So, you can decide who can arm and disarm via tag or the app, as well as who’s notified for which events activity and how they’re notified. We’ll configure it to match your preferences.

Full and separate building control

Separate areas can be set up so that you can arm the entire system, specific buildings or even specific areas within buildings. This means you can secure your greenhouses and barns, while still being able to access and walk around your farmhouse.

Compatible with professional 24/7 monitoring

Not only can you and your app-enabled users monitor the system remotely via ProControl+, but it can also be connected to our alarm receiving centre (ARC) for professional 24/7 monitoring & police response.  

 Euro 46 V10

A hybrid control panel that delivers a wired installation, with wireless expansion capabilities to deliver a tailored system with full remote ProControl+ functions.

Magnetic contact

Device with two parts that notifies the system when separated - ideal for use on windows, doors and hatches.

Dual-technology detector

Combines two detection technologies for enhanced protection covering a volumetric area – perfect for barns and stables.

Volumetric coverage PIR

Monitors a 12m radius volumetric area for body heat – perfect for indoor rooms and spaces.

Outdoor volumetric coverage tri-technology detector

Including two independent PIR sensors and a microwave sensor, this detector has animal immunity amongst other specifically designed features for outdoor protection (XD detector shown above) – ideal for perimeter protection of external buildings.

Confirmation detector

Comprised of both a PIR and a dual-technology detector in a single housing, independently they work as one to confirm an intrusion – excellent for high security rooms that contain valuables.


Integrating video and intruder systems in one app to provide complete control over security.

Proximity tags

Easy to add, edit and delete, these can be simultaneously used for arming, disarming and door access.


Agricultural Security

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