Advantages of Installing Biometric Access Control in Offices and Commercial Premises

biometric.jpgOffice Buildings are often likely sites to be targetted for various crimes both internaly & externally when there is no access control system installed to safeguard its interest. While manual access control and mechanical access control systems are still popular choices, biometric access control is becoming extensively popular. More and more business premises are considering employee biometric identification as an important entity for their business to achieve targeted results.

How Does Biometrics Help

Biometrics makes use of various physical traits of different employees to create identity templates, which are impassable. Fingerprints, face prints, iris structures and various other physical attributes are recorded, coded and stored using biometric scanners. As you can understand, these templates are much more secure, as they completely eradicate buddy punching, where an employee marks attendance for his or her colleague. In a way, you can open your third eye for assessing the employee performance and behaviour.

Issues Addressed by Biometrics
  • As mentioned, biometric security leaves no scope for buddy punching, as each employee is required to enter the office or make a login using his or her physical traits.
  • Security of computer servers, which feed business websites, is critical for a business organisation, as this significant asset is under constant threat from moles and rival organisations. With biometric access control, you can restrict the presence of your employees in server rooms.
  • Important business documents are protected using employee biometric identification, allowing only authorised employees to access them.
  • Organisations involved in e-commerce activities need to protect their physical offices against frauds and thefts and there is no better option than biometric technology to serve this need.
  • Biometric access could really help a business secure their confidential files by just registering the right people to have access to them. By using this system, you will always have a record of who's been accessing your system and it would be easier to maintain your security.
  • Payroll disputes can be easily resolved by recording the performance and attendance of every employee on regular basis. Thus, there are no wage-frauds expected in the office.

Biometric security in business environments has helped the business owners to instill a secure environment, where each employee is encouraged to contribute to the best of their capabilities. Purchasing biometric scanners and other devices can provide your business a competitive edge over others and make it accountable towards big profit earning.

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