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24/7 Monitored CCTV Installation for National Head Office in Hemel Hempstead


ASH Security was contacted by our existing client, a national business with their head quarters situated on an industrial estate in Hemel Hempstead. 

Our client was aiming to boost their overall security, having already invested in Intruder Alarm, Access Control, CCTV and Fire Alarm systems installed & maintained by ASH Security. 

Due to increasing occurrences of break-ins, vandalism and theft in the area, our client wanted to improve their current security protocols with a proactive and preventive Monitored CCTV solution.

Since ASH Security is an NSI accredited installer as well as a Hikvision and Re:Sure Intelligence partner, we have the capacity to design and install a wide variety of CCTV systems for commercial properties across Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our client felt assured that with ASH's considerable industry experience, their site, assets and personnel would be safely secured by the 24/7 monitored CCTV solution.

To meet our client's security objectives, ASH Security chose to take a two-pronged approach – installing external IP CCTV cameras to monitor the building's perimeter and car park areas while introducing 24/7 remote monitoring. Additionally, a Camect Hub with built-in intelligent analytics motion detection software was installed to reduce the number of false alarm activations to the video receiving centre (VRC).

The monitoring of the system was done externally via Re:Sure Intelligence's central monitoring station after-hours, therefore our client was no longer required to hire manned security patrols for the night. This meant the site is now monitored around the clock, with any unauthorised activity being detected, challenged and audio interventions issued. If necessary, key holders and local authorities will be notified. This has resulted in increased security with reduced manned guarding costs to our client.

Moreover, with our VRC, clients no longer have to worry about examining CCTV footage after an incident has taken place as the system acts as a 24/7 virtual guard. As soon as an intrusion zone is activated, the VRC is alerted to take action on the client's behalf. All external areas of the site are secured with IP CCTV cameras offering crystal clear footage. Plus, our client can access the footage at any time of the day or night through the HIK Connect app.

Police Monitored Intruder Alarm Installation - Hemel Hempstead

echo-connected.jpgASH Security was called upon to install a burglar alarm system in a high-end home in Hemel Hempstead. As a result of the increasing burglary rate in the area, the homeowner wished to actively ensure the security of their family and property with a sophisticated alarm system.
In addition to setting up the alarm, ASH Security provided continual maintenance and police monitoring. This way, the home-owner can have peace of mind that any alarms that are activated will be promptly reported to the police. Thanks to the ECHO Connected monitoring station, the response time to any alarm activation is expedited to as little as 4 minutes, providing a rapid response in critical emergencies.

Maylands Business Centre, Hemel Hempstead - Monitored Intruder Alarm System

MBC.jpgThe Maylands Business Centre was officially opened on 12 June 2011 to provide offices and light industrial units to start-up businesses and companies looking to move into their first commercial premises.

ASH Security were recently chosen to design & install a Monitored Intruder Alarm System for the Incubation Building at Maylands Business Centre. The brief was to design and install a Bespoke Intruder Alarm Security System for each tenant within the premises, a multiple occupancy office building.  Each system needed to be designed to allow each tenant to retain control over their premises, whilst integrating to the landlords overall control of the building. 

ASH Security worked closely with Maylands Business Centre and worked with all briefs to ensure that all client requirements were covered.

ASH Security provide The Fitness Society with Codelock Locker Solutions

ASH Security has supplied & installed electronic push-button cabinet locks for over 200 lockers in the male and female changing rooms at the newly opened Fitness Society, Berkhamsted.  

Fitness Society Codelocks.jpg

“Managing the keys for hundreds of lockers in fitness centres and gyms can be a real headache,” explains Stuart Wells, Managing Director of ASH Security. “Keys get lost, taken home or snap off in the lock. Managers then spend a great deal of time and money replacing the keys and opening up lockers. Or members leave their belongings in the lockers whilst not actively using clubs facilities which in turn can create a shortage of lockers. With digital cabinet locks, the user selects a 4-digit code and then can go and work out in the gym without having to take a key.The new code locks require a simple 4 digit code to operate – they have been programmed as a one use code and once members have opened it after their workout - a new code is required.

To ensure enough locker space for everyone, ALL locks will be programmed to open after 4 hours - giving club members enough time to have a workout, sauna, sunbed, shower coffee, chat and whatever else they wish to do!”

The Codelocks used have a locker-mode function, offering a single-use code setting facility ideal for use on lockers in fitness studios, health centres or public leisure facilities. The user enters a code that will lock and open only once, and then be erased. The lock will remain open until it is reset by the next user. In this mode a red LED light will flash to show the locker is in use.

If a user forgets the code, a member of staff is able to use a technician’s master code that will allow the locker to open. In ‘technician’ mode the locker will open but the user’s chosen 4-digit code will remain in place; this is particularly useful when a user can’t remember which locker was theirs.

Selfridges Retail - Door Maintenance & Services

selfridges.jpgSelfridges Retail Limited's objective was to ensure that all their onsite doors were compliant with current UK standards, plus modernise the doors where required and allow for 24/7 access 365 days a year.

The main challenges are ensuring that that each door was ready for the store opening on time, safe & ready to use. This meant working outside of usual trading hours to ensure minimum disruption to the trading day. Additionally many of the parts required for the doors such as floor spring, closers etc have become obsolete due to the age of the door. Where this is the case ASH Security work with Selfridges to find alternative, cost effective solutions.

ASH Security provide reactive repairs aswell as quarterly maintenance inspections on all doors within the Oxford Street premises including the Fire Doors, Manual Doors, Automatic Doors and Shutters ensuring that they are operating efficiently and safely. In total there are over 1000 doors & shutters to be maintained.

Burglary Repairs for Champneys Spa, Tring

Following a break in at Champneys Spa Tring we were asked to make repairs to the damage. As with most break-ins the damage caused is often repairable and we were happy that was the case in this instant as it was imperative to get the building back to it's high standard as quickly as possible. We coninue to work with Champneys on their ongoing security requirements.

Monitored Intruder Alarm installed for Dominos Pizza Restaurants

dominos.jpgWe are pleased to now welcome Dominos pizza restaurant to our list of monitored alarm customers. The particular restaurant we worked for has just been taken over by new owners, the alarm at the premises was not working and showing faults. We were tasked doing a system takeover for the existing alarm whilst resolving the faults. The restaurant opted to to also have their alarm monitored providing addititional security. With the Intruder alarm system being monitored the customer will get a call if a Burglar attempts to break in. The Alarm system we fitted also has a log of who sets and unsets the alarm and when, the customer was particularly pleased with this feature as it allows them the benefit of being able to make sure the staff are on time.

Improving Shutter Security at Ashridge Management College

ASH Security were requested by Ashridge Management College to improve their shutter security following recent security breaches. We were asked to come up with suggestions to improve the shutters security at the site which has now been implemented with the installation of anchors that have been concreted into the floor with the bell housing using a sprung quick release mechanism enabling the customer to remove any possible trip hazards quickly and easily. They have also had additional bullet lock housings welded to the guide rails making the shutters now the strongest point of the building.

Chalfont College - High Security Steel Doors & Security Grilles

Our remit was to add robust security to protect both the IT and Music rooms at Chalfont Community College.Chalfont_HSD_VP&14PL.jpg

We have installing high security steel doors & security grilles at Chalfont College for some time. Initially ASH Security were called upon to protect against theft when we were requested to install bespoke electrically operated security shutters to add extra security to the doors currently in place. However after the school had their first steel door installed by us they were so impressed that they have now decided that the security doors offer the best form of security to meet their requirements moving forward. The school commented on the strong physical deterrent the doors offer whilst still remaining aesthetically pleasing.

Since the implementation of these security products the school has had no further security breaches.

Residential Video Entry System - Wembley

Perla Monitor.jpgASH Security recently installed BPT's new PERLA video entry system at a residential property in Wembley. The system consists of hands free internal colour monitors and the X1 external 1 button vandal resistant intercom. In this situation it was to be used to open the customers automated gates.

ASH Security were tasked to install the system with the cable being run under the block paved driveway, with the system being very new to the market the tech support from BPT was as usual excellent.

The key feature of this new system was the exceptional picture quality which our customer was extremely pleased with. This gave the customer the benefit of being able to see who was at the entrance gate before they got to the front door at day or night. This gave the customer peace of mind that no unwated visitors were able to gain access onto the property. With this particular video entry system the gate can be either opened fully or partly with the touch of one of the buttons at the intercom panel in the house. There is a intercom panel on both floors of the property, so if the customer is upstairs they have the additional benefit of being able to open the gate without having to go down stairs. The customer is also able to communicate between the two intercoms.

Selfridges Retail Limited, London - Emergency Locksmiths & Scheduled Maintenance

Selfridges Exterior.jpgASH Security work closely with Selfridges Retail Limited at their flagship London store providing  them with emergency solutions to their security needs such as repairs to shutter systems, lock repairs  and replacements. We offer a 24/7 service to Selfridges, often working outside of store opening hours  to ensure minimum disruption to the trading day. As well as emergency repairs we also provide a full  scheduled service for planned works which have included multiple lock changes, access to safes, door maintenance, repairs and upgrades.  

Chepping View School - High Security Steel Doors & Security Grilles

The school had a requirement to create a secure IT room incorporating high security steel doors with access control and insurance approved security grilles.

Along with keeping the room secure out of school hours we also needed to make sure that the products we installed were in no way out of keep with the schools general appearance. The made to measure Steel Door had vision panels integrated to keep the room light, soften the look of the doors and also keep to health & safety rules.

The security grilles are retracted during the day and are hardly noticed thus not changing the visual aspect the children are used to but provide high security and an excellent physical deterrent to burglary and vandalism outside of school hours.

CV_Grilles_External View.jpg  Security Grilles, High Security Grilles, Steel Security Grilles, Retractable Grilles 

Ashridge Golf Club - High Security Door, Shutter & CCTV

Ashridge Golf Club is set amongst thousands of acres of National Trust-owned Woodland and is amongst the top 100 golf courses in the UK.

Following a recent burglary the club had the need to increase their security and came to ASH Security to discuss the options for both repairs of damage and increasing the current security levels.

We recommended that the existing wooden door and frame should beIMG_0003-1.jpgremoved and replaced with a made to measure 14 point locking steel door. The door is LPCB certified ensuring exceptional strength and ensures power and rigidity to the hinge areas - traditionally the weakest part of any door. We also advised the current shutter be replaced by a solid galvanised shutter. Although the security at the club was already at a high level these were the two main weak points identified during our survey. These products were made to measure and installed within 10 days of order. We're confident that these products will keep the premises safe and significantly lower the risk of future burglaries.

In addition to the physical security measures our survey also identified some weaknesses in the current CCTV system. We upgraded with an additional day/night vision camera and ensured all angles of the clubhouse were covered. We also added a new improved DVR (Digital Video Recorder) a recording device which stores all the images onto internal Hard Drives and presents views of all cameras on a display. All recorded footage can be viewed simultaneously across all the cameras on the system. A user can go back to any time in the recording and playback a recording in a matter of seconds. The recorded images can be stored to hard drives or CDs and archived for as long as necessary.

Paradise Row Gallery, London - Access Control

Paradise Row, a London based Art Gallery requested the services of ASH Security to install a stand alone access control system. They required the system to easily control the movement through the main entrance during opening hours. The system comprised the use of sheer lock which was discreetly housed inside the door and power supply units were kept out of vision which was important for the gallery.

CT Projects - Underground Security Shutter, Supply & Installation

ASH Security recently supplied and installed an automatic (three phase) roller shutter for an underground carpark in St Albans on behalf of our client, CT Projects.

The customers requirements were for the carpark entrance to be secured with an automated roller shutter systemDSC_0115.JPGincorporating safety features and a remote control facility for all residents of the building. The type of the motor required for the roller shutter was a direct drive motor due to the multi use aspect and levels of usage.

The curtain had to be quiet yet durable and has been powder coated and foam filled ensuring minimum noise for such a large opening. Some of the key features include automatic closing with time delay, which is fully adjustable. The system can also be linked to access control systems and has the added benefit of a timed maintenance programme which will indicate if an inspection is required sooner than planned due to fault providing maximum safety.


Key safety features include:

Anti-drop Safety Brake Device

Stop and return monitored safety beam (infra-red) - the beam detects obstructions and stops operation of the shutter therefore preventing damage or injury

Safety Edge Device - in addition to the to the infra-red beam, this device has pressures sensors in the bottom rail which stop operation of the shutter upon contact with an object

ASH Security carried out all the wiring and commissioning on site. We'll also be providing quarterly maintenance inspections as is required of automatic doors/shutters.

3 Counties Hydroponics - High Security Doors Supply & Installation

Although 3CH, a supplier of Hydroponics Equipment has had no serious issues with security breaches they were very keen to protect their various stores and products against the possibility of an attack.  


Having provided a full security survey ASH Security advised that we install M2M combat steel doors with 14 pointlocking systems which would offer the best form of defence should there be an attempted burglary. The doors are LPCB certified and the M2M Steel Door Range are the strongest steel security doors of their class. 3CH have had these doors installed across sites including London, Herts and Bucks. 

Halton Airfield, Buckinghamshire - Made to Measure Locking System

Halford Airfield, also the home of the Royal Air Force Gliding and Soaring Association, Chilterns Gliding Centre, the Halton Aeroplane Club and the RAF Halton Microlight Club, instructed ASH Securityto install a coded locking device to allow the numerous clubs and military access to the fuel compound whilst maintaining high security levels.

ASH Security fabricated the gates to allow the installation of the robust code-lock, they were very pleased with the outcome and have had no security breaches since the installation.

Bales College, London - Integrated Access Control


The school had a requirement to integrate a PC based access control system to their main school gates with the prospect of being able to add future gates to the system over time.

ASH Security implemented a Paxton Net2 and the children were given key fobs to allow movement through the gate at the schools discretion. Due to the difference in age groups we were able to add time slots allowing some passage through the gates for those with permission whilst helping the school to keep a safe boundary for those that were not permitted to leave the schools premises during school hours. Part of our remit was to make the system work with CCTV which is due to be integrated at a later date.

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