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Smart Home Security - the future

Posted on 18th Jul 2017

Pyronix HomeControl+ Alarm system - Smart Home Security from ASH Security   Ever left home and had a sudden panic that you haven't secured your home?  Now with a Pyronix HomeCont...

ASH Security join Hikvision's VASP Scheme

Posted on 15th Oct 2015

ASH Security are delighted to announce that we are now part of Hikvision’s VASP program (Value Added Solution Partner). We look forward to working closely with Hikvision with our fu...

With Burglary at it's highest during Autumn we offer some advice and tips on burglary prevention.

Posted on 6th Oct 2015

So autumn is upon us, its already getting colder & darker. Unfortunately as the days get darker and the nights start to grow longer the threat of burglary also increases. Opportunistic t...

Introducing the Enforcer HomeControl+ Alarm System - now you can control your home wherever you are in the world!

Posted on 27th Aug 2015

ASH Security are pleased to announce a new product to our range of intruder alarm systems - The Enforcer HomeControl+.  Get your panel & system installed now and alongside the Pyro...

CASE STUDY: A prime example of why a Monitored Alarm system is a worthwhile investment.

Posted on 26th Aug 2014

We had a situation this Bank Holiday weekend whereby an elderly client of ours contacted us to say her intruder alarm was going off without cause. We spoke to the lady and talked her through...

Reasons to have a home security system installed

Posted on 5th Aug 2014

Your home is your sanctuary where you return at the end of a hard day's work to relax and feel secure, and as such you will want to do everything within your power to ensure that the content...

Going on Holiday - Some useful tips to keep your home safe whilst you're away

Posted on 8th Jul 2014

Your home is at its most vulnerable when you are on holiday, some burglars will actually watch your property over a length of time to determine when you are in. There are obvious signs that ...

Home Security Berkhamsted - Chalk Markings outside homes to help other criminals target the vulnerable properties

Posted on 21st May 2014

I heard yesterday that potential burglars have been scoping houses and leaving chalk markings outside properties in Berkhamsted. The incident has been reported to the local police. If you se...

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